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Beer Apparel + Glassware

Our commitment to the craft beer community started on late 2013 when this journey of launching the Craft Loyal brand began to take shape. We first launched the website on July 4th, a day synonymous with freedom and for us it was the day we let the world know “the Revolution is Brewing.” Craft Loyal took a bit of a hiatus but we are back with new designs as well as some favorites from the original catalog. We are dedicated to creating great fitting, cool looking apparel that allows our customers to show off their love of great craft beer. As a brand, Craft Loyal brings you the finest apparel designs, created with the same meticulous selection, quality ingredients and integrity as the master brewer puts in the creation of his recipe of craft beer.

We design apparel for the craft beer community.

We are all on a journey through life and as you experience the differences in your craft beers, make lists of favorites and share some cheer with friends — we hope that Craft Loyal can be there for all of your travels.

— Cheers from the Craft Loyal Crew